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Project Nenetskaya Laika – Wealth of Russia

The interregional expedition and round table of the «Nenets Laika – Russia’s Legacy” project will be held in Yamalo-Nenets autonomous area in January, 2021. 

This decision was made by the project’s management, the Union of Reindeer Breeders of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area and the Economic Programs Foundation (Arkhangelsk Region & Nenets autonomous area).  It was supported by the project experts team from Moscow, Yaroslavl, Saint-Petersburg and Saratov. The project financially supported by the “Presidents’ Grants Foundation” has been implemented in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area since July 2020. It was successfully presented to Dmitry Artyukhov, the Governor of region.

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The interregional expedition Nenets Laika – Russia’s Legacy and “Saving the Nenets Laika and Traditional Northern Dogs Breeding” round table with participation of Russian and international experts will be the results of the first stage of the project. The events will be attended by experts from the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area, the Yaroslavl State Agricultural Academy of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Yaroslavl Research Institute of Livestock and Forage Production, the branch of the Federal State Scientific Centre for Forage Production and Agroecology named after V. R. Williams, Public organization for the development of ecological and biodynamic farming “Agrosophia”, NGO “Association of Polar Explorers”. Owing to the financial support of the “Presidential Grants Fund”, Russian scientists, polar explorers and public activists can save Russian reindeer breeding which is the basis of life activity and food security of thousands of people in the Arctic for many years ahead. Agriculture in Russia can be assisted by a unique breed. Special services, such as customs and EMERCOM can use the Nenets Laikain their everyday activities. The Nenets Laika can help people in many other situations, also.

The peculiarity of the round table “Saving the Nenets Laika and Traditional Northern Dogs Breeding” is that up to 10 000 owners of this breed will be able to participate in it remotely. Ivan Kolpakov,  “Nansen Project Centre” Ltd., Managing Director,  member of the “Economic Programs Foundation” Board of Trustees (St. Petersburg) introduced the project team members to the virtual office where the project team is working now.  Invitations to e-mail addresses will be sent to owners of Nenets huskies in all regions of Russia who have responded of their interest in participating in the interregional program for control and conservation of Nenets Laikas and traditional northern dog breeding. Any owner of the unique Arctic breed will also be able to receive an invitation to the round table by sending a photo of their dog to the project leaders Timur Akchurin in Salekhard and Yan Turov in Arkhangelsk on their VKontakte or Facebook social networks pages or commenting to this pot and leaving your contact information.

From the Russian sources of the “Arctic Partnerships”.

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