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North Sea Route borders are still in international top agenda

There is growing interest in using the Northern Sea Route as both a domestic and international route. The number of states declaring it has been increasing for several years. Japan, China  and Singapore joined the structure of the Arctic Council as observer countries In May 2013. Members  of the European Union and the Asia-Pacific region are increasingly involved in evaluating the possibility of using the Northern Sea Route for numerous programs and projects. A number of states also declared their right to manage and use this transport artery and develop the Arctic in general, which has already had a number of legal and scientific confirmations on the part of Russia.  Western and South-Eastern Asian countries take as a basis the Merchant Shipping Code, namely article 5.1, which defines the water area of the Northern Sea Route. This is substantiated by the statement that the border is not a fixed line, but a number of territories, which are included in the route of the Northern Sea Route.  The claim is based on certain coordinates of areas through which its route can pass.  Sea icing, weather and other meteorological, climatic conditions, as external factors of instability of the northeastern sea passage are used as additional evidence of the above-mentioned position.  According to this point of view, the geographical position of the Northern Sea Route, namely, the prevailing part of its water area is either within the limits of the territorial sea (112 nautical miles), or within the limits of the exclusive economic zone (200 nautical miles), located along it, states, including Russia, to the greatest extent. The latter boundaries are the continental shelf of the Russian Federation.

From the Russian sources of the “Arctic Partnerships”.

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